A Complete TRA Type Approval Guide for RTTE in UAE

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A Complete TRA Type Approval Guide for RTTE in UAE

The radio and terminal telecom equipment (RTTE) are widely used across the states of UAE. This equipment works in coordination with other telecom networks and devices to form a sound telecom environment. The government of UAE is taking special note of making the telecom landscape safe and sound for everyone. Telecom service providers and equipment importers should ensure the telecom devices are in line with the set standards. The telecom regulatory authority (TRA) has set some rules for the service providers to comply with. Compliance with these rules is done through a procedure called TRA Type Approval. Service providers need to know the procedure, and this article will act as a guide for them. If you are one of them, keep reading!

Market Access Standards for RTTE Devices:

The UAE market has set some standards in collaboration with the UAE government. These standards are designed for the radio and telecom terminal equipment (RTTE). Telecom importers and service providers should pay considerable attention to these standards and make the equipment fall in line with these. The device and the operators will not be granted permission to operate in the UAE market otherwise. Some of these standards are discussed in the coming lines.

i) Safety:

The first concern of the telecom regulatory authority and the UAE government is to ensure safety. Safety for the service providers, safety for the people, and safety for the entire telecom environment across the UAE. The TRA should first approve the terminal equipment brought into the UAE market to ensure its safe to operate. If not, the device shall not be granted access.

ii) Energy Efficiency:

The RTTE equipment and devices intended to be brought to the UAE telecom industry should be energy efficient. The equipment should not consume too much energy. Rather it should operate on lower energy to avoid any energy waste. The TRA will verify the equipment for being energy efficient.

iii) Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS):

The standard is widely recognized, and it restricts the use of specific hazardous materials found in electric, radio, and terminal equipment. Also known as Directive 2002/95/EC, the standard was originated in the European Union and is now considered worldwide. The TRA looks for the RoHS factor in RTTE before allowing permission to operate in the UAE industry.

iv) Low-voltage electrical requirement:

The RTTE equipment and devices should operate on a lower voltage. The point can better be explained under the heading of energy efficiency, but it has been granted a particular spot. It is a requirement of the Gulf Technical Regulations, and the RTTE devices should comply with it.

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What does the Law say about it?

The radio and terminal telecom equipment (RTTE) must be approved by the TRA before imported and distributed in the UAE, stated by the Federal Law Decree NO. 3 of 2003 – the telecom Law. All the RTTE devices should obtain a TRA Type Approval Certificate (TRA CoC) before operated in the market.

TRA Regulatory Framework:

The TRA is the legal body liable for the guidelines of the Telecommunications Sector in the UAE. The TRA directs the area as per its command: the Telecommunications Law – Federal Law by Decree No. (3) of 2003 Regarding the Organization of Telecommunications and its changes and as indicated by State Policy.

The TRA's Regulatory Framework intends to make - where proper and required - a bunch of administrative instruments that will empower the UAE to arrive at its goals. (The goals of the TRA include: guaranteeing ampleness and upgrade of Telecom and ICT administrations all through the UAE; setting up and executing an administrative system; and advancing the UAE as a regional ICT center). Some of the regulatory instruments are enlisted in the coming lines.

  • Consumer Protection (CPR-SPAM-ETC)
  • Licensing (Licence regulation, Licence framework)
  • Competition (Competition safeguards)
  • Spectrum
  • Frequency Authorization
  • Price control (Regulatory authority and procedures)
  • Cost accounting
  • Type Approval
  • Quality of service

Type Approval Services:

The services offered by the TRA differ in numerous ways, based on the type of equipment under consideration. Some of these services are mentioned here.

i) Dealer Registration:

Dealers, importers, and manufacturers of the RTTE must register with TRA. The dealers should ensure their company is registered and they obtain TRA Type Approval from the regulatory body.

ii) SIM Card point of sale registration:

All the companies selling or intend to sell SIM cards shortly should register with the regulatory bodies. The TRA should establish the registry of the SIM card point of sale.

iii) Custom Clearance:

Commercial and non-commercial manufacturers and importers should comply their devices with the set standards of the TRA.

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Ensure a safe telecom environment with TRA approval!

The RTTE equipment and devices operated and distributed in the UAE form the entire telecom industry. The safety and soundness of this environment are associated with the safety and effectiveness of the devices. As an importer and manufacturer, you need to make sure your devices are TRA approved to avoid any harm to the network.

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