How to resolve Avast Antivirus Error 42125

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Publish Date : 2021-05-22 06:41:16
How to resolve Avast Antivirus Error 42125

Avast error 42125 is one of the most frequent errors that occur when installing the Avast program. If this error occurs, your system starts to free itself along with your mouse and the keyboard will not respond as well. There are many reasons why this error can occur when installing the application. The reasons for this error may occur are

  • The Avast program is not installed correctly.
  • The document you downloaded is corrupted.
  • You may have deleted the documents.
  • You may have shut down your system while extracting the zip files.

There may be several reasons why the error may have occurred. In case in the installation procedure you have also faced this error then you need to follow the below methods to resolve Avast pop ups won't stop.

Delete Junk Documents

The first technique to repair this error would be to delete the junk files that exist on the system. These junk files have accumulated with daily use and can slow down your PC. In order to uninstall them, you will need to create a command at the command prompt. Open the command prompt then type the cleanmgr control. Today you will be directed to a disk cleanup pop-up window that is easy to remove junk files. Then select all the folders and files you want to delete and then click OK.

Update Drivers

Another more common way to fix the error is to update the drivers. Sometimes this is accomplished by updating your system. After checking for system updates, you will receive some driver updates at exactly the same time. You can easily update your drivers. You can use some third party applications to update the drivers.

Make sure to update all vital drivers for updates to be available. You can use the drive manager to update the driver. Open the device manager, then right-click each hardware separately. Then click on the driver update option. Make sure your device is online so you can update the driver.

Update Windows System

You can try to update the machine. Many times, due to the older version of the system, you may get error 42125. You may try to upgrade the machine. Open Windows settings and click on update and security. Then check your updates. Download and install the updates that are available. Once done, restart your program and try to install the application.

Check the System for Errors

Many times, if your system experiences any errors, this can cause difficulties in installing the application. Also, this can lead to Avast error 412125. A system scan can be performed to remove all errors. You can achieve this with command prompt support. Find the command prompt in the start menu then run it. At the command prompt, type the control sfc /scannow then press enter. Then the plan will try to discover all the problems and errors of the program and will also try to repair it. It will also provide you with any workarounds to the problem if you are unable to repair the problem yourself.

Try Reinstalling the Software

Another solution to help solve the dilemma is to reinstall the program. First you downloaded each of the Avast app stays, if any. Visit the control panel and then click uninstall the application. Then search for Avast, if you find the recorded program, uninstall it. Make sure the app is not running in the background.

You can finish the practice of this application by operating in the background with the job manager. Once done, uninstall the application. Then delete the corrupt file on your system. Now visit the official website of this Avast and get the latest antivirus files. When the document downloads, install it. Do as the setup wizard prompts. Then it will ask you to restart your computer, follow the control. And you are ready to go.

Closing Words

These are all some fixes for your Avast 42125 error that occurs while configuring the app. If your system hangs during the installation procedure, you can try using the above-mentioned procedures to help resolve your Avast 42125 Error.

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