Scott Peterson Makes Court Appearance as Resentencing Trial Looms Ahead

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Publish Date : 2021-04-28 17:20:52
Scott Peterson Makes Court Appearance as Resentencing Trial Looms Ahead

Scott Peterson Makes Court Appearance as Re-Sentencing Trial Looms Ahead

On Tuesday, April 27, Scott Peterson appeared in court via zoom for two hearings concerning his death penalty being overturned and a possible retrial.


Scott Peterson continues to wait to learn his fate after a California Supreme Court ordered a re-sentencing trial last year.

On Tuesday, April 27, Peterson, who is currently being held at San Quentin State Prison, appeared in court virtually for two conference hearings concerning his 2004 murder conviction.

Recall last August, when the California Supreme Court overturned Peterson's death sentence, citing "a series of clear and significant errors in jury selection" that undermined his right to a fair sentencing. According to the ruling, jurors were illegally removed from the jury pool after voicing opposition to the death penalty.

As such, the Stanislaus County District Attorney's Office was given the choice to pursue the death penalty in a re-sentencing, or allow Peterson to serve life in prison. The Stanislaus County Chief Deputy District Attorney Dave Harris said in October that they would move forward with a retrial of the penalty phase.

During Peterson's first appearance in court today, his attorney, Pat Harris, told E! News the defense disclosed their intent to send a request for discovery to the Stanislaus County District Attorney's Office. The judge agreed that both sides will meet in 60 days on June 28 to discuss the status of the discovery request.

The second part of Peterson's appearance concerned a challenge to his conviction, which stems from his allegation that a juror lied during the pretrial questioning.

According to court records obtained by E! News last October, the California Supreme Court found evidence a juror "committed prejudicial misconduct by not disclosing her prior involvement with other legal proceedings, including but not limited to being the victim of a crime." Per a Los Angeles Times report, Peterson's legal team is basing their challenge on the allegation that the juror did not tell the court she previously obtained a restraining order against a boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. 

A second attorney for Peterson, Cliff Gardner, confirmed to E! News that in the Habeas Corpus matter the judge set a status hearing for June 21. Additionally, the defense's written reply to the state opposition is due June 25.

A retrial of the penalty phase is seemingly on hold until the court determines whether or not Peterson's conviction will be overturned. 

Peterson has maintained his innocence since he was convicted of first-degree murder of his pregnant wife, Laci Peterson, and second-degree murder of their unborn son, Conner, in 2004.

- Additional reporting by Holly Passalaqua

Spencer Pratt Defends Heidi Montag After Sister Stephanie Body Shames Her
After Stephanie Pratt falsley claimed that Heidi Montag was pregnant by posting a photo of her in a bathing suit, Spencer Pratt defended his wife from "being body shamed."

Stephanie Pratt is facing backlash for falsely claiming Heidi Montag is pregnant. 

On April 23, Made in Chelsea and The Hills alum took to her Instagram Story to post a photo of Heidi, who is married to her brother Spencer Pratt, wearing a bikini at the beach. She captioned the photo, "Yay Heidi's pregnant! I hope she has a little girl this time. Cute bump." 

Except, Heidi isn't pregnant...and instead of a well-meaning congratulations, the post is seemingly a dig at her sister-in-law's body. Stephanie also came for her brother: She captioned a second picture of Spencer at the beach, "I wonder what my brother is having." 

Heidi and Spencer's followers were confused why Stephanie, who Spencer has had tensions with before on The Hills, would share this "pregnancy" news. 

"Stephanie just posted ur pregnant but I don't see that u posted it," a follower wrote in the comments section of on a new Instagram post Heidi shared. "Wtf I hope she's not revealing it for u."

Spencer replied, "Heidi is not pregnant. Just being body shamed."

So far, Stephanie has not clarified her posts. However, fans flooded her Instagram with comments condemning her for body shaming her family members. 

"You need to think about what messages your current fat shaming stories are communicating," one follower wrote. "Not only is it unkind, but absolutely devastating to people who suffer from eating disorders or have difficulty with their body image. Stop. Do better."

"Kind of showing the type of person you are with your body shaming story," another added. "Not cool."

Many criticized Stephanie, who first opened up about her battle with an eating disorder in 2009, for making judgements about other people's bodies. At the time, she said it was hard to film The Hills with all the "skinny girls" in the cast. 

"I was horrified," Stephanie told Us Weekly of being critical of her body in one of her early scenes on the MTV reality show. "I remember saying, 'I can't believe how huge I look walking over to [Lauren Conrad].'"

Though the reason for this particular post is unclear, Stephanie and Spencer have had a notoriously challenging relationship. In a 2019 episode of her podcast, iHeartRadio's Pratt Cast, she called the couple—coined "Speidi"—the "most toxic people." Later that year she wrote on Instagram, "I'm drained from this year. So happy to be back home in London, where evil siblings don't exist."

Spencer confirmed Stephanie would not be returning for season 2 of The Hills: New Beginnings on Heather McDonald's Juicy Scoop podcast. However, he claimed all the drama is way overblown. 

"The Hills and the media and Stephanie and her podcast made it into this dramatic thing," he told Heather. "We were never like best friends and chatty or whatever."

Though Heidi didn't address Stephanie's alleged body shaming directly, the reality star took to Twitter to write, "Thanks for all the love."

In February, Heidi addressed previous pregnancy speculation by tweeting, "No I am not pregnant yet. Just a little overweight.


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